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- Synchronize your files in real time!

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Beyond Sync is exactly what I was looking for to protect my important files. Now file backup is truly automatic. And very, very good customer support
- Glen Nicholls

Thanks to your software, I don't have any fear of losing my files anymore. Real time sync is quite useful. Thank you!
- Sumedha Mahawanniarachchi

It is really easy to set up automatic real-time backups of all my embroidery designs and other files. All my embroidery designs and files are automatically backed up to another drive -- EASY!!
- Krisann Robles

After searching and trailing many sync software programs (both freeware and pro shareware), the feature set and ease of use were commensurate with only one other program, however the support provided to walk through some potential show stopper issues was excellent. Beyond Sync immediately became the winning program of choice once issues were quickly and easily resolved
- Wayne Brookes

I surveyed 4 different programs in detail and used all 4. Beyond Sync Pro was the easiest to use, and its realtime sync feature is simply awesome. Multiple variations on the manner in which files are sync'd insure you can find a scenario that works for you. In combination with a disk imaging software for your operating system disk, you now have no excuse for ever losing data!

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Easy-to-use user interface

Beyond Sync has simple UI for first time users and full UI for advanced users. You don't need to take time to learn it's usage, just let it works for you! (screenshot)

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1.Five tasks at most
2.One root folder pair
3.No command line mode
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Real time file sync

As the main feature in Beyond Sync, real time sync allows you to synchronize files as soon as you saved them. Never ever lose your files! It's fast, reliable and very effective. More information about Beyond Sync Real Time File Sync

Automatically synchronize your files by build-in scheduler

You set it and forget it, just focus on your own jobs. Your financial documents, work files, emails, contacts, photos, iTunes, MP3s, and other data will be synchronized and backed-up automatically. The scheduler can also run as a Windows service so you can sync and back up files even if you didn't login.

Unique byte to byte verification

We value your data. We totally understand that your files are too important to be corrupted. With "byte to byte" verification, Beyond Sync will compare every single byte of source and target files to ensure they are 100% same.

All these great features guarantee that your files will be synchronized effectively and securely. It's automation features, real-time and scheduled, synchronize files in background and you even don't need to run tasks manually. That's why thousands of users rely on Beyond Sync to protect their important files. That's also the reason that CNET's editor gave Beyond Sync the highest five stars rating!

CNET five stars rating for Beyond Sync

Fevosoft's Beyond Synch is just the sort of handy little tool we love to have around. It's a simple but capable utility that can synchronize and back up files locally, on network drives, or on just about any sort of external device, in real time. It can compare files to reduce duplicates, and its "byte to byte" verification feature ensures that files are completely synchronized. In addition to its real-time function, you can schedule regular, automatic synchronization...

Reviewed by: CNET staff on June 07, 2010. (Read full review on CNET...)

So, why don't you trust the editor of the largest software distribution site in the world and give Beyond Sync a  
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Work Great, Simple but yet powerful for Sync'ing to CF CARD or solid state as Laptop backup. Real time feature is very helpful.
- Luc Simard

Best software I have tried. I compared many!!! More than 10 similar ones! And yours is the best!
- Armin D Meyerholz

Very powerful, easy to use and setup. My home network is getting quite complicated with many users and this utility is perfect for managing distributed data and systems
- Shirley Brading

It's the best synchronizing software I have ever seen and indeed very easy to handle.
- Kurt Utzinger

I've searched and tried a lot of software, looking for something free to use at home. It only took a few hours of using BeyondSync when I realized this did everything I wanted. I felt it was worth buying a license since it kills all of the free or shareware software out there. Great product!
- Jeffrey L

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